Our favorite Tampa Bay area Wedding Planners

"No man is an island"...
... and neither a bride should be!

We wish we had a dollar for every bride we've seen come and go that felt they wouldn't have a problem planning their entire wedding by themselves,
and then regretted this decision when they ultimately became so overwhelmed by the time their date came around.

Don't allow this to happen to you on the most wonderful day of your life.

Sometimes, the best investment may come in the form of someone who can completely remove the stress of event planning from your list of things to do.
Your DJ can only do so much.

Don't wait to the last moment to waive the white flag!

Here is a short list of professionals that are purely the cream of the crop.

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A Friend Of The Bride
Jennifer Fitzsimmons
Ideal Design Events
Christina Craft
Special Moments
St. Petersburg
Tammy Waterman

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Saturday, January 06, 2018

As the Wedding & Event Venue Industry in the Tampa Bay area is so transient these days,
many of these listings may be less than accurate.
Please help with the accuracy of the information here by contacting

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to provide necessary updates.

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