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Bouquet / Garter Toss

Don't let any of this scare you if these are not your cup of tea...
I never do anything nutty like this unless you agree and consent, so please consult with me if anything here catches your interest. In the pursuit of making your reception unlike everyone else's, the following are only suggestions of alternate ways to remove or toss the garter.
The most important thing to remember is to HAVE FUN.

1) Toss both Garter and Bouquet at the same time.

2) Place or pin a $10 or $20 bill in or on the garter to "Sweeten the pot". I could play the theme to "The Apprentice". You get to know who your greedy friends are when you do this.

3) Blindfold the groom - The Bridesmaids then all show their legs and the groom must guess the right leg before removing the garter. Individuals other than the "bridesmaids" may be used (i.e. grandma, best-man... well, you get the idea).

4) Blindfold the Garter catcher and then he must put the garter on the bouquet catcher's leg and/or guess the right person as well.

5) The groom tosses his "Little Black Book" instead of the garter (Stating he will no longer need it).

6) "Mining For Gold" -The groom (before he starts to take off the garter) is handed a "Miner's Hat with Working Light" (stating that it is dark under the full length dress). This works best with a full length white dress. The light will make the dress glow and everyone can see the light move throughout the dress (but nothing else).

7) Balloon Garter Drop - This works best in a facility with high ceilings. Decorators take a large balloon and fill it with several smaller balloons. One of the smaller balloons holds the garter. The larger balloon makes a nice decoration as well. The groom then takes a long pole with a pin on the end and breaks the larger balloon. All the smaller balloons fall to the ground and the bachelors have to search for and break the smaller containing the garter.

8) Black Garter Toss - This definitely must be planned with me before the event. If you do not have a lot of single friends or do not wish to embarrass anyone, this may be an alternate to the garter toss. Your MC (yours truly) invites the groom to the dance floor. Then, I  call all the married men to the floor. The groom tosses the garter to the married men. At this point, I tell the "catcher" that the garter may be placed on his wife's leg... in the privacy of their home/room. The Bride invites a special friend to the floor and gives her the bouquet.

9) Garter Gag - This must be preplanned with me before the event (preferably several weeks before the event). The Catcher of the Bouquet sits in a chair on the center of the dance floor... as the catcher of the garter (standing in front of the catcher of the bouquet) is blind folded, we then swap the catcher of the bouquet in the chair with a gentleman (the hairier the legs the better)... We then explain to the catcher of the garter that he will be required to put the garter on "HER" leg... The higher he goes, the more fun the Bride and Groom will have on their honeymoon (the more money they'll make in a lifetime, the more children they'll have... just to name a few more).

10) Bride presents the Bouquet. When you don't expect too many single people to attend your reception, or if you just don't want to put anyone on the spot, it's okay to just "present" your bouquet to anyone you wish; like a friend or someone you really appreciate. Perhaps someone newly engage OR... See the next suggestion...

11) Invite all the married women to the floor. Then start eliminating them by asking "all the women married one year or less step to the edge of the dance floor" and so on until there is only one woman left (the bride stays on the floor the whole time). Find out how long she has been married and hand her the bouquet.

12) The bride stands in the middle of the floor and is blindfolded. The single ladies make a circle around her. The bride spins in one direction and the ladies rotate around her in the opposite directions. When the music stops everyone stops moving and the one the bride is facing is the one to get the bouquet.

13) The "Mary Poppins" Trick - In the movie "Mary Poppins," the main character astounds the children in her care by pulling OVERSIZED items out of her satchel. You can do this too, quite easily, using a chair that has a cloth covering it all around (backed up against a well-clothed table) so that the audience won't be able to see your pre-arranged accomplice feeding the Groom hilariously over-sized items thru the Bride's legs, such as a beach ball, toaster, deck umbrella, golf clubs, an old boy friend (or celebrity, if you know one). No audience can contain themselves for such an event... Guaranteed!

The Bittenbenders Bouquet/Garter

14) Want to involve children? Have a "Teddy Bear Toss" before the "Main Toss" (Thanks to DJ Greg Lowder of Seattle).

15) The EXPLODING Bouquet - No, it doesn't really "explode", but if you don't want to toss a bouquet to only one person, how about tossing an "MIRV"? [MIRV is a missile with multiple warheads]. No... I'm NOT a war-monger. I mean... Toss a bouquet that will break into 4 to 6 smaller bouquets! BOOM!!

16) Bouquet & Garter Switch - Switch EVERYTHING! Have the Bride remove the garter from the GROOM'S leg! Have her toss it to the single ladies! Have the GROOM toss the bouquet to the single men!

17) You don't even need to stop the dancing! - Sometimes, when the dance floor is full, it becomes a drag to stop it for a bouquet/garter toss... So why do that? Just toss the bouquet and garter into a fully involved dance floor!

18) Subtract part(s) of the Bouquet / Garter Event - Parts of this past-time can be too racy for some people (especially if good ol' Father O'Brien is in attendance). So... merely pull out the parts you don't want. It's OK! It's not uncommon to skip the Garter Removal (for instance) Although, you can still toss it.

19) Make Him Dance First - The Groom will be required to do a sexy dance before he can remove the garter.

20) Use the Best Man as a chair for the Bride - For the Garter Removal, have the Bride sit on the Best Man as a "Human Chair"; He can either "get down on all fours", or the Bride can sit on his knee.

21) The "Trekker's" Removal - Don't be afraid to "boldly go where no man has gone before!" Most of you are thinking that I'm nuts... At least one of you is going, "Now THIS I wanna do!" That's right... The Groom walks in dressed as Captain "You-Know-Who" as the theme is blaring... He takes out his "tricorder" to scan his new bride before removing the garter. Afterwards, everyone lives long and prospers! Naturally, this is suggested only for those that are popularly (and proudly) known to be "Trekkies" or Sci-Fi geeks.

22) The NFL Garter Toss - Make James Brown, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, and Jimmy Johnson proud wrapping the garter around an official NFL team football with your names and wedding date written on it. I'll deliver a scripted play-by-play to the sounds of the FOX NFL Theme as you toss that sucker to your unmarried men! Alternately, you can pay homage to your college Alma Mater.

23) The Bashful Garter - A soft piece of classical music, jazz, or a romantic song, can soften the moment. Adding an entertaining choreographed comical relief can enhance the moment, and offer a smooth transition to an otherwise awkward moment for the shy couples. Picture this: The bride in the chair, facing the audience, and the groom down on one knee facing her. Just like normal... The soft music starts. The groom begins to lift the hem of her dress. But before he can proceed he is interrupted by the mother of the bride, his new mother in law. She is tapping him on shoulder, shaking her head NO, and wagging her finger at him. Then she hands him a garter and says, "Use this one."

If any of these ideas sound like fun, please consult me and/or place a comment about it in the notes within your on-line form.

Thank you to:
Robert Starkey of Lake Havasu, Arizona
"The Best Wedding Reception Ever" by Wedding DJ Guru Peter Merry
Scott Faver, "The Game Mater"

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