"YOU Are The STAR!"

Your event is never supposed to be about me or the DJ.
It's ALWAYS going to be about YOU
and the focus of
your celebration!


If you've decided to sit down,
take some time to get some information about
yours truly,
WELL, then good for you.
You're doing your due diligence.

ALWAYS research / meet your DJ BEFORE making your final decision!

Get comfy...
because here goes.

Where's the fire?
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... otherwise ...

The Twinkies

Humble Beginnings

Fronting a rock band or two along the way [image]

Selling Rock Photos at University of South Florida Flea Market. Though his very first job as a DJ was in 1977 at Circle F Dude Ranch Camp in Lake Wales Florida (He was an Activities Director, who's job was to get hundreds of kids dancing with nothing more than one school district-style turntable and a few Kiss, Fleetwood Mac, Alice Cooper, and some popular Disco Records), It was at USF where Jeff fell in love with the art of mixing music. He got into it because at the time he was also a Rock Photographer (taking, and then selling images of classic hard rock favorites like KISS and VAN HALEN at the USF Flea Market every Wednesday). He decided that he needed to perk up sales by producing "mix-tapes" for public performance at his booth for students and customers to hear as they perused over the merchandise. He figured that the music would somehow bring the images to life and facilitate their sale. Guess what: It did.

The strange side-effect was that young brides suddenly started hearing his works, and began inviting him to DJ their receptions (something to this day he's not quite sure his mature self would have personally recommended to these ladies, buuuut... one had to start somewhere).

DJ Jeffrey Evan Mufson doing a gig for his own company party.

Early Years

Like most DJ compadres, Jeff received many opportunities and experience from great Tampa area agents and sub-contractors (A-Sunset Entertainment, American Band Scan, Night Owl, Fun Time, Art's Moving Music Machine, Michael Jeffrey, Mobil Disc, TK Productions, etc) who would call with a new client every Monday. Jeff also decided to give himself a company name called Jemstar Entertainment (based upon his initials, J.E.M. ... Get it?).

DJ Jeffrey Evan Mufson at Radical Radio Z-14 Zephyrhills, Florida 1992. In the early 90's, Jeff worked shifts on Campus Radio at the University Of South Florida (WBUL), where he spent a couple of years playing eclectic rock and roll during various wee hours of the morning, which eventually led him to a gig doing radio for three years at a small "Middle Of The Road" station in Zephyrhills (WPAS 1400AM), where he learned to love the best of America's Standards music artists such as Sinatra, Bennett, and Manilow. His boss was non other than Tampa's own David Zeplowitz (You may know him as "Cigar Dave" of "Smoke This", heard Saturday afternoons in Tampa Bay on News Radio 970WFLA). He even allowed Jeff to work late-night weekends playing on an all-request TOP 40 ensemble show called, "Radical Radio Z-14" (Thanks to Dave's buddy at the time, Neil Presant.)

In 2000, after working 13 years as a darkroom technician, Jeff finally broke down and decided that his true love had been staring him in the face the whole time. He decided It was time that he pursue mobile entertaining on a full-time basis. The license was purchased, the marketing was created, and the date was set. Like Sinatra & Minnelli had sang, If he couldn't make it here, gosh darn it, he wouldn't make it anywhere. This was it, baby! It was "DJ or DIE" (although at the behest of his ever-patient and lovely wife, Karen... he made the fatal mistake of not consulting with her first, thus creating a dark cloud over their home for many years following).

Wall of Accomplishments

Continuing Education

Jeff continues to keep up with his DJ vocational education as a graduate of The Florida Academy of Mobile Entertainment, a former, but VERY soon-to-return member of The Association of Bridal Consultants, and also former, but very soon-to-return to The American Disc Jockey Association Tampa Bay Chapter. Jeff is also a graduate of the Mark Ferrell - MarBecca Method Master Of Ceremonies Workshop 2008, and The Peter Merry Professional Process 2016.


This is the way it should be when one makes a commitment; We only get married once (one would hope). That's why my commitment to your reception is just as strong for me as it is for you. As host [representing you to your guests] I kind of liken myself to a surgeon. Your event is (for the most part) a procedure; So, one false slip of the "scalpel" could create a memory that would linger like a scar for the rest of one's life. To me, that would be considered malpractice. This is why I'm on call for you 24/7 long after you choose to become a client.

Also, I wouldn't want you to have to take out a second mortgage on your home to pay for your wedding reception entertainment either. Although most of us would love to have our invited guests associate their experience with the highest of pomp and grandeur with no regard to expense, it's not every day we can live up to our dreams financially. Therefore, one may feel they have to settle for only the essentials of entertainment. That's where I hope I come in... and only I will come in... because I don't keep an entire staff of office workers or stage hands, dancers, partners or clowns (unless you want them). So, you won't pay for them.

It's just me and only me. I typically do all the heavy lifting, set-up and breakdown, all the arrangements, all the entertainment planning & coordination, all the lighting / FX, all the announcements.... Heck, I even help pass out the rice and/or bubbles at the end of the evening (if you need me to). I'm in the business of 'bend-over-backwards' CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Essentially, I'm asking you to put your trust for your event into a DJ with a high regard for service and personal attention to all of your needs.
I may not be able to convince you myself, so please heed the words of all of these who did successfully make that leap of faith:
References / Testimonials.

Thank you in advance for investing your trust.

DJ / MC Jeffrey Evan Mufson

P.S: Muchos gratitude to these folks who keep reminding me that YES, I am on the right track:
Michael Walter, Chuck Weirich, Bryan Foley, Rob Snyder, Robb Smith, Rob Peters, Peter Merry, Dr. Drax, Todd Mitchem, Tony Casler, J.O.S.E. Otero (THEE Greatest Latin DJ In The World!), Chuck Amstone, Bob Moore, Ray Bedgood, Jim Smeaton, Doug Shaw, Kevin Kramer, Ann (& the late great J.D.) Hood, Neil Presant, Dave (Cigar Dave) Zeplowitz, Kevin Hoag, my entire family (living or dead), Susan, Richard & Larry Mufson, Greg Michaud, the late Maureen Beck and her crazy daughter Karen...

Am I forgetting anyone?


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